CHGreenz is a pioneer and leading Green Technology Company
that specializes in the business of organic waste management.

CHGREEN works with organizations in both the Public and Private Sectors to offer an innovative and proven organic waste management system that complies with environmental initiatives programs. CHGREEN personnel, along with the other COWTEC® technology partners and associates, have extensive knowledge and broad experience in processing a wide variety of organic waste streams and are able to provide sound advice and solutions to almost all organic waste management problems.

CHGREEN is proud to introduce the COWTEC® Composting & Biogas Production Machine, a mobile, compact system, with a simple design that makes it is easy to assemble and install. The system can be setup and ready for use within a few hours, allowing owners to immediately start managing waste streams in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner, allowing for considerable long-term financial savings.

Empowering both small-scale entrepreneurs and big-scale commercial organic wastes management systems through innovative science and technologies
Create and contribute towards an enabling environment through local strategic partnerships.

To be a pioneer and leading provider of innovative biotechnology for organic waste management systems, by promoting, replicating and strengthening decentralized
on-site systems, ranging from small-scale to commercial scale.