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CHGreenz is a pioneer and leading Green Technology Company that specializes in the business of organic waste management.

While most waste management companies work to meet the demands of large scale operations, CHGreenz utilizes the COWTEC® Composting & Biogas Production Machine to assist smaller operations and stand alone facilities meet the policies and standards set by regulatory bodies.

The COWTEC® Composting & Biogas Production Machine is a practical and future-oriented Mobile and Compact Composting and Biogas Unit, offering companies a realistic way of dealing with a wide variety of organic wastes through sustainable environmental initiatives.

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"The Cowtec CT-300 has been a hugely successful solution for managing our food waste from factories and a machine that has proven to be the future provider of clean Renewable Energy for all industries"
Tips Making Compost

Compost is a vital part of any self sufficient lifestyle. It adds nutrition to your soil improving its structure and water-holding ability, makes an excellent mulch, improves soil fertility, keeps soil healthy and balanced, and can save you a fortune on commercial fertilizers.
Waste to Re-sources
Enter the amount of organic waste you have available and see what the energy output will be.

Organic Waste Available:

Max 10KG Max 30KG
Max 100KG Max 300KG
Max 400KG Max 500KG

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